Contact Us

Please remember our club is run by busy volunteers. We prefer to communicate by email as it makes it easier to balance our family, work and Tukino responsibilities. Mobile phone contacts are provided in case of emergency.

On mountain phone: 06 825 8118 option 5
The lodge shares an “on mountain” “information phone” with the other two ski lodges and the tukino skifields. Use this number if you want to contact somebody you know is staying at our lodge, or of you need to make contact with the lodge as you come up the road in winter conditions.

Tukino Skifield 06 387 6294 for Skifield information. This phone is redirected out of season. Ring this number to book transport from the 2WD carpark. Go to to find out more about skiing at Tukino.

Club email contacts

Bookings Caroline 021 804 398
Secretary Tim
President Mark 021 655 508
Treasurer Don 027 445 2980
Newsletter Tim
Marketing Tim
Maintenance Nigel 027 244 3033
Health and Safety Nigel 027 244 3033